Hayn Core Slides (Na Pali) Forest Green

Our mission is to create a slide that looks and feels different without sacrificing style, function, and comfort.


  1. Dual injected recycled PU. 
  2. Rubber leaf inspired sole pattern. 
  3. The strap is cut into 2 pieces and fully lined on the inside with a single piece of neoprene to create an expansion joint. This is a patent-pending design element that provides a perfect fit for any type of foot. 
  4. White recycled rubber bottoms.  De-bossed logo, 40mm in height and 15mm in width. Water repellent coating applied to straps for durability.



HAYN slides incorporate the use of recyclable materials, such as the polyurethane in the footbed and natural rubber in the outsole. 



Our patent pending “expansion joint” allows our slides to maintain a
sleek and slim side profile while addressing the biggest problem faced in the slide market today: fit. With the expansion joint in 
place, the strap can stretch and adjust to the foot of its wearer for a comfortable and snug fit, similar to the shoelaces on a pair of sneakers.

The outsole features an elevated height, taking a more aggressive and innovative visual approach. 

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